the slow mission

why choose pique?
the answer is quality over quantity – a simple principle that we'd love to see more inhabitants of this world adopt.

the relentless messages to "speed up, do more, buy more stuff"

are reflected in the new brands that appear everyday on our shelves. contributing to the mountains of unsustainable products in our landfills.

but the effects of choosing quantity extend beyond just the physical waste. as consumers, we are being unconsciously trained to care less about our behaviour. we are repeatedly told that what we have isn’t enough, that happiness is directly related to material products and therefore, without them who we are isn’t enough.

what is the slow movement?

the slow movement is a global rejection of the notion that fast is better. it is quite literally pleading with humanity to slow down whilst doing practically everything in order to  get the full benefits. it's been scientifically proven that taking a more considered approach actually improves the quality of things like food, sleep, play and relationships.  

feeling slow inspired?

we are. at pique, we're on a mission to slow down this destructive consumeristic cycle.

we believe that people are crying out for brands that choose purpose over unsustainable profit.

we've designed a mask/scrub that is sustainably and thoughtfully made, supporting local producers and using only raw and organic ingredients. it is a product that allows you to slow down and make more considered choices.

our aim is to remind you of that simple principle - quality wins.

so what is pique?
at its core, pique is a ritual in slowing down, in making thoughtful choices, in respecting yourself and the earth.