meet pique

introducing  pique. 

part mask, part scrub, part wing wo/man... pique is the back up you call on when your skin’s a hatin’. it’s skincare that bites back and loves you (even when it seems your skin doesn't), 
because screw having cupboard full of products that don’t treat you right. 


so why pique?

  • targets acne + eczema + dermatitis (all the enemies!) with raw active (UMF5+) manuka honey
  • smooths open pores and fine lines with organic ceylon cinnamon,
  • moisturises, tones and repairs with maracuja oil,
  • and uses a blend of seabuckthorn and safflower oil to hydrate without blocking your pores...

    that’s why.


    oh, and you can eat it (not that you would, but you could). because why put something on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth? mother nature knows what she’s doing, that sassy b*tch.